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    All pets in our care are tended at least twice with dogs being exercised at those occasions too. Dogs have a third last check too
    All the kennels have their own run attached to their own unit and if the weather permits and to pet not noisey we never close them in
    This is not a problem as we are experienced and we make no additional charge either ☺
    We do provide a very good quality food but if you prefer your pet to continue on a specific food you are welcome to bring it
    We do have oodles of bedding but you are welcome to bring your own and please remember to take home anything you bring in
    We do not take un immunized pets
    We have very strict policies on mixing and with 16 separate, large exercise areas we take no risks and many are exercised along but with dogs running next to each other. Once we get to know the dogs we may mix small numbers for exercise and play time
    We are fully licensed and insured to collect

    If you have any other questions, please contact us

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